Spinal Manipulations

Spinal manipulation therapy



Suffering from tense body pain is usually the result of joint inflammation in different parts of the body. It has negative impacts on nerves and their connections, leading to severe consequences for your central nervous system. Included in the various treatments we offer is spinal manipulation therapy, a powerful technique befitted to adjust the spinal position in order to relieve this pressure on the joints.


It may be that you have had frequent occurrences of trapped nerves, consistent headaches or pains on your upper back, including shoulder pains, neck pains and back pains. Considering spinal manipulation therapy as a method of treatment is ideal in this case due to its target of these particular areas.


Our registered and proficient Chiropractor specialises in the use of Osteopathic techniques to aid in detecting and treating health deficits caused by muscle and joint impairment. By thoroughly massaging and relieving pressure on the connections of muscle and tissue, we help to boost blood flow to different areas of the body, allowing it to heal.


Our belief in this form of therapy is strongly influenced by holistic ideas, the view that the body must be looked at as a whole rather than its constituent parts. We know that as humans, the complexity of our functioning and well being means that systems are interconnected through organs, tissues and within these the much smaller parts such as nerve cells. When the pathways relaying these thousands of cells are blocked, inefficiencies are caused in the nervous system, making it harder for the body to heal independently. As a result, practitioners use spinal adjustment techniques to ease these connections and correct any misalignments, restoring the body’s natural formation.


At Alternate therapy, we discourage using temporary fixes to treat bodily pain. Our ethos and the beliefs we promote to our clients is that natural treatment is healthier and longer lasting. Our practices, influenced by a combination of western and conventional medicine, can aid the body to heal faster so that it can continue using what it is naturally equipped with to its optimum level.


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