Hot Stones Massage

Hot stone massage

Allowing a soothing impact to occur for both the body and the mind, hot stone massage is amongst the many existing variations of massage therapy. It is an alleviating technique that involves heated stones, flat and smooth in appearance, being placed on specific areas of the human body. Most commonly, these areas include the back, the palms of the hand and in between the toes. The procedure itself calms the nervous system and allows the muscles to relax, enabling therapists to apply pressure without causing intense discomfort. It also aids in tackling several other health conditions which include back pain, poor blood circulation, arthritis, stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

There are various key specifics to the procedure we use that ensures maximum utilisation of our massages. Our rocks are made of basalt, an iron-rich rock that is smoothly shaped and allows the heat to be retained from the electric heating device prior to the process. The heating unit provides precise temperature readings and has adjustable thermostat control which allows us to regulate and reach optimum heat. For those who have cold feet and tend to feel chilly, this is an efficient way of attending to that and allowing physical repose. We verify the heat before beginning the placement on the body, making sure temperatures are tolerable for clients. Understandably, each individual has their own comfort range and so we encourage letting us know at any stage if temperatures are too hot or need adjusting. Occasionally, if it is the case that there is inflammation, cool marble stones may be used to reduce severity.

During the process, our massage therapist will inform you of the correct laying down bodily position and you can take the time to adapt according to your comfort. Oil will be applied to the muscular regions and this will allow the hot stones to steadily glide along the muscles. The stones will then be used to gently massage the back. Once the muscles become relieved and the skin has acclimatised to the heat, we directly massage the skin in comforting motions. Once this is complete, the hot stones are placed back onto the skin for a short period of time, allowing the mind and body to simply be at ease and in a state of tranquillity. After this, you will be asked to turn onto your back so that the method can be repeated on other significant areas such as the palms and in between the toes.

The detox concluded from the massage, which usually lasts between 50-60 minutes, will no doubt restore a healthy balance in the physical and mental state. You will be given crucial after-care advice to encourage your healing, including temporarily abstaining from stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. You should drink plenty of water both before and after your massage to contribute positively to your hydration. Ensure you refrain from strenuous exercise 24 hours after your treatment. It is important that you give the body time to rest, repair and heal from within!