Herbal Consultations

Herbal consultation 


What is herbal treatment? 


A branch of holistic treatment, alternatively known as ‘natural treatment’, aims to tackle not only the symptoms of a person’s condition but also the contributing factors which may have caused them.


It includes 1-1 therapy, whereby subjective questioning first takes place to strongly apprehend the body’s condition and the manner it aids the individual’s functioning. Once this is complete, plans are formed to take the next steps which include using the Earth’s nutrient-dense resources to formulate tailored remedies.


Why should I consider herbal treatment?


Unlike prescribed drugs and over the counter medicines, herbal treatment ensures a long-lasting positive impact on your well being. It avoids consumption of chemical formulations which help you to ‘cope’ and enables you to heal in a pure and flourishing manner.


We have carefully curated our practice by using elements of Western herbal medicine, Chinese traditional medicine, Unani Tibb medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.  Ensuring we do not break down the human body into constituent parts, we operate by focussing on individuals as a whole, restoring health and treating the root causes of any illness.


Not only will you be given specific herbs to intake, you will be thoroughly informed on the crucial lifestyle changes needed to recover from disease and maintain a healthy internal system.


How can Alternate Therapy help me? 


Here at Alternate therapy, our qualified herbalist ensures lengthy and detailed discussion takes place before starting any further treatment.  Within your consultation, usually lasting an hour, diagnosis methods such as pulse reading, iridology, tongue analysis, nail analysis and blood pressure readings are conducted to gain accurate measurements.


You will also be presented with a mixture of stimulating open ended questions in order to understand the status of your body and your environment. Details regarding your symptoms, personal health history, family health history, diet and lifestyle will be asked and noted for further analysis. If at any point during the process you have any queries, our therapist will be happy to provide you with the information you need.